Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Our clients have the opportunity to focus on their own work by taking advantage of BSN & Co. experience and know-how on payroll preparation. In addition to being a legal obligation, preparation of payrolls is a practice which creates additional workload for human resources or accounting departments due to the need to follow up on legislative developments and parameter updates, while failing to add any value to the company. BSN & Co. also provides professional services for corporate payroll and personnel affairs in accord with confidentiality principles.

Hiring and Terminations


Payroll Calculation

Severance Pay Calculation

Notice Time Reporting and Calculation

Termination Notifications

Certificate of Quittance

Certificate of Employment

Annual Leave Calculation and/or Payments

Sick Leave Reports and Handling of Related Allowances

Social Allowances (Travel Allowance, Food Allowance)

Additional Payments (Travel Expenses, Bonus, etc.)

Additional Deductions (Levy Cuts, Advance Payments)

SSI and Tax Exceptionsı

Wage Roster

Presentation of Monthly SSI Statement

Lost Day Statements

Statements to İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency)

Extra Work and Overtime

Reporting on and implementation of up-to-date SSI and Tax changes

Creation and follow-up on Personnel Files

Labour Contracts

Labour and SSI Law Consultancy

Work Place Opening, Closing and Address Changes

Shareholders' Assembly Decisions