Financial Law and Tax Law Consulting Services

Financial Law and Tax Law Consulting Services

As BSN&CO we provide our clients of domestic and international origin with legal consulting services of our law department starting from the inception of their organisation, in the fields of Financial Law, Tax law, Companies Law, Contracts Law, Turkish Commercial Code, Turkish Code of Obligations, Labour Law, other statutory provisions of legislation, as well as jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation and the Council of State. Services provided by the law department of our company include, but are not limited to:

  • Company establishment, amendment of the articles of establishment of the company, preparation of internal directives of the company, organisation of ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings of the company, company type change, company amalgamations, address changes;
  • Preparation of all types of contracts, risk analysis and evaluation, revision of contracts prepared by opposing parties in accord with interests of the client, and provision of suitability confirmation before execution;
  • Preparation of franchise contracts, trademark registration procedures, protection of trademark rights, and consulting services in unfair competition situations;
  • In the field of Labour Law, preparation of mutual rescission agreements in accord with the laws and jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation, performance and conclusion of all personnel termination procedures in accord with laws and jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation, including calculation of especially severance and notice pays, as well as all other employee receivables, separate preparation of purpose built labour contracts for white collar personnel, blue collar personnel and part time personnel, formation of relevant occupational safety committees at the workplace, and other consulting services particularly including taking necessary precautions regarding work accidents at the workplace;
  • Obtaining residence and work permits for foreign personnel;
  • Consulting services in all types of investment fields, particularly acquirement of real properties in Turkey in name of real and legal foreign bodies, as well as enjoyment of government aids in Turkey;
  • All types of consulting services provided for companies and private persons in the fields of Foreign Capital Law, Commercial Law, Tax Law, Code of Obligations, Labour Law, Administrative Law, Banking Law and E-Trade Law;
  • Preparation of Due Diligence reports.