Basic Values

• We lead our clients towards the future thanks to our corporate identity and deep experience; and we
provide profitable solutions for them

• We are self-confident professionals, who respect professional ethics, who focus on customer at such a degree that our customers are expected to say “woov” in the end, who are open to constant learning and improvement, who are aware of efficiency of teamwork and who have a high of responsibility

• We have adopted a fair and transparent management that injects the sense of belonging to its, that emphasizes personal and professional improvement, that is open to feedbacks, that produces quick and solution-oriented decisions and that shows sympathy when needed

• We improve consciousness of shareholders through information that are presented to the attention of public by Community Enriching Organizations

• We provide understandable services that are able to create awareness and have direct effect on from the window of an analytical perspective by staying loyal to confidentiality rules during cooperation with the clients by adopting BSN&CO culture